Quick Update: Novajoin in the Undercloud

This is an update to the previous note, to account for changes in novajoin and puppet-novajoin as things have matured more and patches have landed.

In particular,

  • Novajoin has been simplified and caching is no longer done.
  • puppet-novajoin has been added to puppet-nova, rather than as a separate package.
  • puppet-ipa is no longer used.  This was primarily because Openstack would not accept puppet-ipa’s license.  Instead, some of the functionality needed (ability to register as a FreeIPA client) has been re-implemented in puppet-novajoin.
  • triple-o quickstart contains some in-review changes to set the DNS server for the undercloud node.  We want this to be the IPA server.


The basic steps needed are the same as before, albeit achieved slightly differently.  More details are provided in the subsequent details section.

  1. Create a new undercloud image containing a repo file for novajoin and a modified puppet-nova.
  2. Upload the image and checksum file to an accessible location.
  3. Register your undercloud node in IPA.
  4. Check out OOO Quickstart with the relevant patches.
  5. Modify the config file to update your IPA server etc.
  6. Run quickstart!


These are details on each of the steps above:

  1. You can create your own image by running the following script or you can use the image I created here.
  2. Make sure to upload both the image and the md5sum files.
  3. To register the IPA node, log onto the IPA server node and:
    kinit admin
    ipa host-add undercloud.example.com --password=MySecret --force
  4.   Do the following:
    git clone https://git.openstack.org/openstack/tripleo-quickstart
    cd tripleo-quickstart
    git fetch https://git.openstack.org/openstack/tripleo-quickstart refs/changes/72/398772/2 && git checkout FETCH_HEAD
  5.   Modify the file config/general_config/ha_ipa.yml:
    1. Set the proper ipa_domain, ipa_server, ipa_otp, ipa_principal and ipa_password.
    2. Set the IP address of the ipa server for the undercloud_dns_servers.
    3. Set the location of the undercloud image through:
    undercloud_image_url: 'https://vakwetu.fedorapeople.org/novajoin/undercloud.qcow2'
  6. Run quickstart.
    ./quickstart.sh --config config/general_config/ha_ipa.yml -e undercloud_image_url='https://vakwetu.fedorapeople.org/novajoin/undercloud.qcow2' -R master --no-clone cloud-machine.example.com

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